We sweat the "BIG STUFF" so that you don't have to!

Catering to the Unique Needs of the ASPHALT PAVING INDUSTRY
"What makes us unique is that we're NOT a manufacturer" (Michael Bowers)
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For nearly four decades BFS has handled the fabrication needs of the Asphalt Plants and Pavers.

Specializing in NEW customized plant components and wear parts AS WELL AS in general refurbishing and repair of existing components.

BFS President Michael Bowers says: "What makes us unique is that we're NOT a manufacturer.  None of our machine components are run-of-the-mill. Each one is CUSTOMIZED to the client's specific needs.  Just like a tailor would make a custom suit, we create components/parts that fit the customer's exact needs. This specialized care translates into better productivity and less down time in the plant itself."

Reliability is our Highest Value!

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