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TS16x16x3/815" Beam - 90 Degree ElbowW14@233 rolled easy-way10x8, 8x8 & 8x2 TubingT-Beams - Stem out3" solid stainless bar27" Beam - Rolled Easy Way
TS12x8L3x3 lintel stockS3@5.7 - 48" c/l Diameter 270-degreeS3@5.7 - 90 Degree3" stailess barTS4x4x1/4TS16x16x3/8
4" Beam - 45 degree elbowTS12x6x3/8Good Misc Floor Shot (beams, tube, t-beams & angle)3x3 Aluminum TubeTS8x6 rolled hadrwayTS2x2 rolled with overlap6" T's - 72'ft long
Providers of High-Quality
  • Square & Rect Tubing
  • Beams/Channel: Easy/Hard-way & Elbows
  • Angles, T-Beam, Pipe, Round Tube & Handrail Caps
  • Expedited Service & Delivery
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Each piece is individually inspected during and after processing to ensure that it meets all Job Specifications and exceeds all industry Quality Standards.
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